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100% of your donation goes to cancer research


Constitution Gardens on the National Mall

Hit The Bricks: DC is a social (emphasis on social) fun-run and walk. Unlike the on-campus edition, this is not a race. Our goal is to bring the Wake Forest community together to raise money and support for the Brian Piccolo Cancer Research Fund and the Wake Forest Cancer Center in a family-friendly and social environment.

So whether you want to run for the full two hours, walk a few leisurely laps with your friends, pets or kids (strollers included!), or prefer to show your support by donating, we welcome your participation and are excited to have as many DC Wake Foresters as possible involved.

We hope you will join us September 9th for what promises to be a fun day with fellow Wake Foresters to raise money for the Brian Piccolo Cancer Research Fund.

There is a $20.00 runner registration fee to jump start fundraising and offset permit costs.

Top 10 Teams

1 District Deacs $670.00
2 Piccolo's District Deacs $600.00
3 Big Baller Brand LLC $400.00
4 Green Dot Deacs $345.00
5 DC Deacs $275.00
6 Phi Mu Alumnae $100.00
7 Baby Deacs $25.00

Top 10 Runners

1 Aveen Karim $520.00
2 Madeline Ryan $450.00
3 Katelyn Battaglia $150.00
4 Benedicte Crudgington $150.00
5 Kate Mahone $125.00
6 Peter Siderovski $120.00
7 McCauley Mateja $100.00
8 Mary Squire $100.00
9 Lauren Eagan $100.00
10 Morgan Penberthy $100.00

We Thank Our Sponsors

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